Tuesday, April 5, 2011


it is late.  and for the first time in weeks i woke up not because i was having some intense back spasms but because a  storm sure is a-brewin'. the windows are cracked, ceiling fan on and every few seconds the room illuminates with streaks of lightning and the house rumbles as the thunder rolls over paris mountain.

i lay in bed and count the seconds between the light and the noise and listen to the gutters fills outside.  i rub my ever swelling belly - it is times like now that i love being pregnant.  when i can sit in the dark and listen to the storm and rub the parts of my abdomen that randomly poke out...wondering if this is his little foot or shoulder and gasp when he completely flips and takes my breath away.  i wonder if he can feel the circular movements my hands make as i try i connect with him, letting him know that i am awake and while i count the seconds in between the lightning and thunder i'm also counting his movements...his tiny flips and pokes and stretches... and i whisper ''mamma's here'' and ''we will meet soon''.  and i pray that he is healthy and will be happy and that he knows that he is already loved, so much.