Friday, August 19, 2011


we just got home from maine today. this morning at 9:18 to be exact.  my little man is the best traveler.  he hardly made a peep on our two flights and showed those other passengers, who looked weary when they saw a baby entering a plane, who's boss.  we made it to gsp after a few wrong turns, cutting in line at security, landing in d.c, navigating the shuttle and 6 elevators, boarding our second flight and finally arriving in greenville, where daddy met us, safe and sound.  liam was such a trooper.  snugly tucked away in his sling while i pushed past strabucks and magazine stands, big blue eyes glowing,  taking it all in.

we vegged out today- i never showered, i never stressed about the suitcase in the middle of the living room floor.  we took a real nap, in my bed with the shades drawn and just marinated -just the two of us.

he's growing so fast and time is passing too quickly.  tomorrow night i go back to work.  just typing those words makes it hard to swallow.  i know he'll be fine - he'll be perfect; he's got a great daddy.  it's me.  i don't know how i'll be without him, how i'll feel about being around other babies, sick babies.  i'll miss my babe.  i need him just as much as he needs me.

and so today we snuggled and played and nursed and just got to be with each other.  we rocked and had frozen pizza for dinner. and i drank up every last ounce of him i could... he is perfect.

here are some phone pics from vacation: