Saturday, April 14, 2012

the easter bunny

my little bunny,

you are getting so big.  everyday i look at you and admire every little thing about you.  your smell and smile and giggle...

you are getting so big and growing so fast.  you are funny and strong and i hope you always keep your independence and willingness to give hugs.

you are so fun to be around.  at nighttime, when you have been silent for a few hours, i have to hold myself back from going into your room, scooping you up and rocking you...

these 'baby' moments are passing fast...

but we are drinking them up and making as many memories as possible

mommy and daddy love you so much.

your silly faces make us laugh

this meeting went over a little better than the santa episode :)

happy easter, little chick.  we love you!

Monday, February 20, 2012


the other night mike and i were talking about how we can't believe that we have an eight month old. there are random moments throughout the day where i stop and think holy shit, i'm a mom.  and then there are times where i'm suddenly slammed with this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness. that at times can be so strong it sucker punches me to almost tears and i'm overcome with this crazy protective feeling...that makes me want to wake him from a deep sleep just to make sure he's ok.  and he was, and for the record, never wake a sleeping child.

 i know i sounds a tad disturbed, but i love this boy so much it feels unreal.

but mostly it just feels so good.

he's changing so quickly i could just kick myself for not keeping with this blog.  i have hundreds of pictures just waiting for public approval - they are all so yummy and most are basically the same shot - like here's liam eating:

we're now in what i like to call the puff-puff stage.  he barely eats his fruits and veggies, but child can chow some puffies.  i just keep telling myself that no human lives off happy baby organic puffs so i'm sure this phase will pass.

or here is liam enjoying his first ride in the buggy at target.

this peaceful ride lasted about 20 minutes until he realized he was at about boob level and didn't really appreciate my denial and whispering ''no liam, we don't nurse and walk and ride in the cart at target.''

it's hard not being able to share these experiences with family.

i. will. do. better.

looking back at pictures from 2011 i realized that i've never been happier and that i really do have a cute kid!  what can i say? sistah is happy.

here are just a few things from this past year that make smile.

baby cheeks.  especially right after they nurse and are puffy from their snuggles and kissed with milk.

sunbeams and babies - probably the best combo ever

even if the pic is slightly distorted.

wearing only diapers. (liam, not me).  this child is most happy when he is naked baby, but he'll settle for a little free time prancing around his quilt with his diaper on.


going for walks

celebrating baby's first holiday

any baby wearing a puppy costume makes me happy

ok, one more puppy picture

big cheeks also make me happy, good thing because they are abundant in my family.

holidays are much sweeter with a little one :)

not really sure how to wrap this up, so we'll leave you with this video.