Saturday, April 14, 2012

the easter bunny

my little bunny,

you are getting so big.  everyday i look at you and admire every little thing about you.  your smell and smile and giggle...

you are getting so big and growing so fast.  you are funny and strong and i hope you always keep your independence and willingness to give hugs.

you are so fun to be around.  at nighttime, when you have been silent for a few hours, i have to hold myself back from going into your room, scooping you up and rocking you...

these 'baby' moments are passing fast...

but we are drinking them up and making as many memories as possible

mommy and daddy love you so much.

your silly faces make us laugh

this meeting went over a little better than the santa episode :)

happy easter, little chick.  we love you!

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