Saturday, December 25, 2010

a merry little christmas

it all started with a tree.

 and some sleepy dogs
hey, whacha  you looking at?

and then some naughty little dogs that couldn't wait until christmas
 some Christmas goodies for the neighbors and new friends

and now, as if we weren't lucky enough, we get family.

airport runs on christmas eve

 she is smiling at the all-spandex outfit i wore so she could really see the baby bump.

family sitting in our living room, living large and passing on traditions
the dogs were on their best behavior because santa brought them beggin' strips
 and, as if the fact that we are all together at Christmas wasn't enough, santa really came through this year and brought us some pretty white stuff.


Merry Christmas,

from snowy south carolina



Anonymous said...

A truly incredible Christmas. I cried when I looked at these and saw the true joy on my face at just being there!! It was so wonderful and I was full of anticipation; the new baby, the rest of the 'children' arriving over the next few days, and our family being together once again! I love you all! ~Mom

Anonymous said...

In reflecting, David has commented that the Christmas 'away' from Maine was truly wonderful. We all know he has been a skeptic about changing our holiday traditions. But the children are growing and times they are a-changing. We hold onto some of the past, but so look forward to the new adventures with all of you! We love our family and it is with enthusiasm, excitement, and sometimes awe that we anticipate what is to come. Our family enriches our lives more than any of you can possibly know.
We love you, Mom