Thursday, July 22, 2010

day one

it is quiet here.  mike is on a trip for a few days and i have the dogs to myself.  the coffee pot has already produced a warm cup of half-caf and i am sipping the creamy goodness.

i've been home from maine for over a week and have sifted thorough hundreds of pictures, wondering what to do with all them, how to share, how to edit...

and i decided that i would start this blog, really start it, really share it.  i want to write i again. i have an awesome new camera that is slowly guiding me to see life through a different lens.

it won't be perfect, there will be errors, but it will be fun and a new way to connect with long-distance relatives and friends.


Queenie said...

thank you, thank you for this gift...I will be reading every word and drinking in every photo! Love ya, girlie!

faye mack said...

your photos are SO good!!!! this is great....keep then coming!!