Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a picture is worth a thousand words

a delayed update from asheville...

which means that i am at a loss for words, but thankfully not for pictures.

but trust me, we had a good time!

we hiked.
here she comes!
she's not sure if it is me behind the camera...
...now she is!

we sat outside and sampled local brews
and the dogs were surprisingly well behaved.  see, i think she is even winking!
we sat on the porch equipped with rockers and sun-kissed dogs

and at night we walked the cool streets surrounded by mountains and drank in every ounce of this special place.

this horizon line was just the icing on the cake...
and this trip proved that there is something just as momentous as watching the sun set and the city slowly begining to illuminate before your eyes, as there is to sipping coffee, on the front porch in the early morning hours...and we were lucky to experience both.

we love asheville.

i'm so thankful that i married someone who recognizes the importance of celebrating our togetherness.  our bank accounts may not be overflowing, but baby, we live a rich life.  and, i am so thankful that we take the time to invest in each other, because it's only getting better.

happy third anniversary!


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